Sealife Tracker

Project Overview

  • App available for iPhone and Android
  • Project seeks to determine the status of marine invasive non-native species and climate change indicators
  • Partnership between the British Sub Aqua Club, Scottish Natural Heritage, the Environment Agency, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Marine Biological Association.
  • Seeks to engage divers, boat owners, fishermen and visitors to the coast in collecting data on a much under-recorded group of species

Further Information

Get the app for your iPhone - visit the iTunes Preview page
Get the app for your Android device - visit the Google Play page

You can now visit the Sealife Tracker website here . This allows you to view results, find out more about the project and upload records. Go on, dive in!

App Visuals

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Date of launch:

June 2013


Environment Agency
Scottish Natural Heritage
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency
The Marine Biological Association

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