River Obstacles

Project Overview

  • The River Obstacles project is a citizen science project to crowd-source data on any man-made or natural obstacles found in rivers across the UK. We need your help to find them and determine whether they present a threat to fish migration and/or could cause other problems such as damage to riverbanks or even pose a health hazard to river users.
  • The information generated by this project will be used by public bodies, groups of river users, local authorities and private companies to identify redundant man-made obstacles that can be removed from rivers, and prioritise improvements to other obstacles that will yield the most significant environmental improvements.
  • It's a partnership between the Environment Agency, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Rivers and Fisheries Trust of Scotland
  • App available for iPhone and Android

Further Information

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You can now visit the River Obstalces website here. This allows you to view results and find out more about the project.

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Date of launch:
June 2015
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
The Environment Agency (EA)
The Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland (RAFTS)
Project website:
River Obstacles Website

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