Mammal Tracker

Project Overview

  • App available free for iPhone and Android
  • Launched May 2014
  • The official app for The Mammal Society
  • Purpose is to monitor populations of UK's mammal species and to see how they fare year to year
  • Your data will be used to inform conservation efforts to protect the UK's mammals
  • Data will be also be used to produce a South East Mammal Atlas in addition to a new national atlas

Further Information

Visit the Mammal Tracker website to see results, find out more about the project (and submit records if you don't have a smartphone)

For a quick overview of what's been seen, where and how many records have been collected (and see if you're on the leaderboard!) see the Mammal Tracker App Info Centre Page

Get the app for your iPhone - visit the iTunes Preview page
Get the app for your Android device - visit the Google Play page

To find out more about The Mammal Society and what they do visit their homepage

App Visuals

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The Mammal Society
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See what's been recorded with the app so far

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