We specialise in helping researchers collect crowd-sourced data for biological surveys

Case study: iRecord Butterflies

  • App available free for iPhone and Android
  • Data used to by Butterfly Conservation to conserve butterflies
  • Over 30,000 records collected in the first year

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How we could help your project

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    We work with you to design and build a custom phone app with a user-centred focus

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    Participants download the app and go out into the field to collect photographic, geo-located records.

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    Records are verified by nominated experts using an easy-to-use system. You get high quality, validated results!

About us

We work with researchers and organisations to help them use smartphone technology to leverage the power of citizen science. Working closely with you, we evaluate how crowd-sourcing with GPS phone technology can most effectively help you to gather useful data; then we build the custom software to do it. By making use of re-usable components, we keep the costs down.

We are a small, professional team which consists of developers, designers, a usability expert and a project manager (who is also a rogue ecologist).

The apps we create and the service we provide are consistently highly rated by customers and clients.

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If you would like to see how a mobile phone application could help your project, get in touch with us. We’re always interested in discussing new ideas.

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